Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thailand is happening! Katie and I left this morning, said a quick hello to Vegas. We are now walking around LAX waiting for the 12 hour flight to Tokyo. After gallivanting around the fish markets of Tokyo we'll meet Naomi and her family in Bangkok. Join us on the journey!

Monday, February 24, 2014


It's the season for projects! 
Here's evidence of the latest shenanigans:
Rehab of the knee. I got off crutches and went camping! Was a beautiful couple of days, enjoyed sunrises, sunsets and whole campfires to myself. Mustache mug compliment of Elizabeth Quinley....wait, I made it, but still:)

Hair cuts. Although I didn't get pictures of it I did cut Eric's head o' hair. I'm not a professional yet, but I'm getting there. Even chopped fun bangs for myself, which I'm loving.

This is the hot tub that is mostly a cold tub. Also extremely dirty due to algie and random pieces of clothing that gets blown off the line. Katie, my roommate has taken it upon herself to get it up and running so it's suitable for more than just the dogs.

Our garden:) After many trips to home depot I think these littles guys will avoid a horrible death by a St. George summer.

Went crazy with the herbs. Whats here? Wellllll: chives, rosemary, lettuce, basil, cilantro, parsley and Thyme. The mint has been quarantined to a self contained planter box upstairs. Learned that lesson via Molly Kinnier. Thanks!

Oh man. A juicer has appeared in the house, what a novelty. I've created explosions in the kitchen with beet juice splattered everywhere. I've also juiced many a thing, then thought "I like the pulp!", I then proceeded to put all the innards of the juiced fruit or veggie BACK into the juice. WAIT that just makes it like a smoothie, yes, that is what happens. I just had to figure it out for myself.

Sprouts from mung beans.

Board games in the backyard. Not a project buuuttt look at us, this is winter?

Lady Time

Backpacking with the ladies in Escalante National Monument.

Max was trying to survive the rainstorm that had suddenly rolled over us.  He looked pathetic while shivering under a tree during our mad dash to set up a shelter. I did give up my expensive goodwill wool layer for his warmth.  I'm glad to say that he was up and at um shortly after. 

It was a loungy morning. We didn't have to be anywhere at any specific time, AND we were able to sit and drink matte.

We read this trashy $3.99 love novel during the rainstorm. It was the bedtime story that lulled us to sleep.

 We had a cactus as decoration in our shelter.

Pumping silty water after the rainstorm.

Monday, September 9, 2013


I'm an Aunt! I got to hold Silas for an hour last Friday. His eyes were open and taking everything in for the most of the hour. What a cutie! I was excited to hear while I was at work that the baby had been born healthy. Group 4, the adolescent girls group that I've been working in, was asking all week if Xander had been born.  Yes, this is because I named him Xander before he was born.  Alas, I'll have to save that name for a future date. When I shared the news with the group they were giggly excited, not as excited as I was though.

Silas is beautiful. I cant wait to see him grow into a human! Wow.  I'm amazed at his tiny hands and feet, truly incredible.
I've been thinking of Ecuador lately.  In high school I spent a few months there building a church, and these were some of my favorite pictures.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Dear Megan,

I thought of you today.  I intended to go on a 12 mile run, it turned into a 16 mile run.  I blame the non existing road that was clearly on the map but nowhere to be found in actuality. Wish you could've been there to endure the pain of having to go further.

Your Running Buddy

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sisterly Visit

When a sister comes to visit
you'll share your favorite coffee shop with her
she'll ask you questions about roommates and friends
and you'll be glad to introduce them to her

When a  sister comes to visit
you'll overwhelm her with all the people that live in your house
you'll bombard her with ideas of things to do
until you finally decide to get in the car and drive

When a sister comes to visit
you'll go on a hike, that turns into a night hike
see the eyes of a ring tailed cat
increase the volume of your talking to scare it away

When a sister comes to visit
you'll share your favorite recipes
eat noodles that have been spilled into a camp sink
swap books that you've been reading

When a sister comes to visit
you'll seek out an oasis to cool off
spend a morning admiring a family of bobbing birds 
wake up early and do yoga to the sunrise

When a sister comes to visit
you'll hike, hike, hike

When a sister comes to visit
you'll share the ups and downs of life

All when a sister comes to visit.

The day hike that turned into a night hike

In Bryce

Yes, we got in late from our hike the previous night and still woke up for yoga at sunrise.
That's how hardcore we are.

Aftermath of yoga

Stopped at this cute little coffee place on our way to Escalante

This is still Utah. The oasis in Calf Canyon

Camped beside a creek.  Witnessed the family of bobbing birdies

A little view of Escalante

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Trek

We finally did it! After many years of talking about backpacking Megan and I have done it.  In a most treasured part of northern california, the Marble Mountains. 

Day One: hiked on the road for approximately 2 miles.  THEN a car came toward us, slowed down and gave us a hollar, it was Megan's friend! She so kindly offered us a ride to the actual trailhead.  No this is not cheating, it's avoiding lame hiking on a boring road.

This was the second foot bridge that we crossed

Camp # 1: As we so joyfully ate our dinner the ticks were joyfully scheming to eat us.
Don't worry, I found mine that night.
Megan, on the other hand, decided to find hers the following morning.....conniving little buggers: we did thorough checks!

And we began our ascent.

This is why we backpack!

We re-named this sign Butthorn Spring, because we were tired of climbing up, up, up.  

First fish of the trip.  I think it was a rainbow trout.  Delicious.

Fishies for breakfast

I caught AND gutted my first fish. 
I think it was the ninja outfit.

We at the fish on bagels with cream cheese.

No, this is not the snowfield that Megan turned into a slide.  
That was the one we found the following day.
John, Lathem, and Kat joined us for the trek to sky high lakes.

Yes. These two are amazing.  
Congrats on celebrating another year of marriage!

This is Lathem. He's as cute as a looks. Even when he chases shadows.

Aaanndd we're off! 

Marble Mountains: Done.  We got to sign one of the PCT registries!

I managed to get my head in this shot, not staged, I promise.  It was on timer.

After hiking through snow patches, facing the dread of tick bites, eating delicious mountain fish, laughing at Lathem chasing his shadow, deciding to be scared of heights, listening to rock falls in the middle of the night, witnessing horrible views, we decided to continue our adventures next year. Oregon? Washington?

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Here are fun foods for summer:

Baked Grapefruit, with cumin and honey drizzled on top.

Grilled banana.
Slice bananas long ways.
Leave skin on.
Place onto grill face down.
Leave on grill until slightly brown.
Remove and squeeze lime on top
drizzle with a bit of honey.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thumbs up for Mom and Dad

 Parents visited!!! AND this was our Easter Sunday, spent on a hike in Zion. 
  Don't worry PEEPS made it to Zion too

We did some backcountry hiking in the field area that I work.  A foreign experience for californians accustomed to well groomed trails:) Way to rough it!

The end of a hike called angels landing.  A bit precarious but we made it.  Dad your skill in having conversations with anyone around still amazes me. (he chatted with a few guys on this hike and the next day the same guys camped right next to us at Bryce Canyon)

After three days in Zion we ventured over to Bryce Canyon.  Here we discovered the hoodoos of the land.  They look like the pieces on a chess board.  Camping was a bit chilly but we survived!

I like our matching sun hats:)

We hiked a total of five out of the six days they were here. All my friends were jealous that my parents actually camped.  Who would've thought camping and parents could be so cool.  I got to show them around the DI( version of goodwill....but better). We ate frozen custard after waiting a good thirty minutes for it to come.  They met my roommates and witnessed the quirckyness of my house.  Twas just lovely having them here.  Thanks for coming mom and Dad! Maybe next time you can come in winter time and we can explore the snowy side of life out here:)